What is the IR-4 Project California?

The IR-4 Project California was established, in part, to manage grant funds provided by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, in support of the National IR-4 Project objectives.  The National IR-4 Project, with funding from the USDA’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture, supports pesticide registrations and non-conventional pest management technologies for specialty crops (food and environmental horticulture) throughout the nation, including California. The funds provided by CDFA are used for additional projects delivering effective pest control tools of particular interest to California specialty crop farmers.

The IR-4 Project California

  • This website highlights only those pest control projects which are supported / supplemented by the grant from the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  For a comprehensive list of California crop projects, refer to the National IR-4 Project database.
  • The IR-4 Project California operates in coordination with the National IR-4 Project and is managed by the Western Region IR-4 field office based at University of California, Davis.
  • This project provides additional links between the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the National IR-4 Project, specialty crop stakeholders, and university and USDA-Agriculture Research Service personnel.
  • The CDFA primarily funds trials at University of California campuses at Davis, Riverside, the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Parlier, and with private research cooperators in California.
  • The IR-4 Project California provides funds in addition to the USDA-NIFA funds for:
    • Research projects
    • Stakeholder outreach
    • Infrastructure support at research centers