2024 Projects

Title Project Type
Data or Report Link
Fluopicolide/Cherry Food Use Residue IR-4 Project 13281
Clethodim/Fig Food Use Residue IR-4 Project 13740
Clethodim/Rice Food Use Residue IR-4 Project 13184
Pyraflufen-Ethyl/Onion (Dry Bulb) Performance Program IR-4 Project 13642
Agave Pre and Post Herbicides Integrated Solutions Agave Herbicides IS00468
Weeds in Date Palm Integrated Solutions Date Palm Weeds IS00393
Botrytis Management in Strawberry Integrated Solutions Strawberry Botrytis IS00355
Plant Bug/Leaf Bug in Almond Integrated Solutions Almond Bugs IS00448
Black Fly in Fig Integrated Solutions Fig Black Fly IS00406
Crinivirus and mosaic virus in melon Integrated Solutions Melon virus IS00432
Eriophyid Mites on Agave Environmental Horticulture Project Ongoing
Effects of Thrips Materials on Beneficial Mites Environmental Horticulture Project Ongoing